‘The true God delights in music’

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

“I became a Christian whilst studying at music college in Iran,” shares Reza, a professional composer and worship leader. “I realized that music plays an important role in the church, which drew me in. Soon I learnt that whilst other religious traditions consider music to be unclean, the true God created, and takes great delight in, music.”

Iranians love music. So it not surprising that Jesus uses music as a medium to draw people to himself, just as he did with Reza. People may forget sermons. But worship songs linger on the heart, so they are a great way of reaching people, teaching believers and strengthening their faith in the Lord Jesus. This is why heartfelt worship is such an integral part of Iranian churches.

In light of this, Elam is dedicated to promoting Persian Christian worship through the production of music albums and internet resources, the inclusion of worship sets in some regular TV broadcasts, and the training and development of worship leaders. Please do join us in praising God for his wonderful gift of music, and in praying that music ministries will increasingly strengthen the Iranian church and reach many more hearts for Christ.

Pray for
• Christian music to soften many hearts to Christ
• Music to inspire a deeper love for Jesus
• Iranian worship leaders, musicians and composers like Reza