‘Black Thursday’ attack in Evin: official report pending

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Ministry of Justice have been charged with preparing a report on the attack on ward 350 of Evin prison, which occurred on ‘Black Thursday’, 17 April. Over 30 prisoners, including Christian prisoner Farshid Fathi, were injured in the brutal incident.  The official report will be made public.

A spokesman for Rouhani’s administration declared recently to a press conference that, since Rouhani is dedicated to upholding citizen’s rights, including the rights of prisoners, there will be a probe into the now infamous incident.  Officials have thus far repeatedly downplayed the attack, claiming that excessive force was not used and that prisoners were not seriously injured.  However, prisoners’ families have revealed the truth of brutalities inflicted on their loved ones, and have repeatedly demanded an investigation.  Global advocacy organizations have also been demanding an investigation into the incident.

While the announcement of the investigation is therefore welcome, concerns remain over whether it will be an independent, thorough and impartial investigation.   Impunity is a longstanding problem in Iran, and we must pray that those responsible for the attack will face justice as a result of the report.

 Pray for

  • The report to be thorough and impartial
  • Those responsible for the attack to be held to account
  • Ongoing healing for all the prisoners who were injured