‘God does nothing, except in response to believing prayer.’ Wesley

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Christians can put on as many seminars and conferences they like about how to reach Iran; they can stay up half the night designing websites and translating books and writing TV programmes, but without prayer, it’s all human activity, religious froth and hype. There is nothing of eternal value.
Reaching Iran is all about prayer. Iran 30 exists to encourage prayer, and since its launch in 2009 there has definitely been an increase in intercession for the country. Only God knows whether the persecution this year is a part of the intensification of the spiritual battle for Iran caused by increased prayer, but there is no doubt that the tempo both of growth and opposition has increased since 2009. The momentum in prayer needs to be maintained.
This is absolutely not a time for talk, but a time for prayer, the more passionate the better. May the cries of Christians reach the courts of heaven pleading for revival, anointing, breakthroughs, the falling down of walls and the raising up of churches. If Iran 30 has helped you pray for Iran, please send the link to other believers and encourage them to pray and tell them how to get the book, also available in Spanish, Korean, Portuguese and Hindi.

Pray for

• More private prayer for Iran.
• More public prayer meetings for Iran.