The ‘Jesus Film’, still turning hearts

Thursday, March 08th, 2012

The film version of Luke’s Gospel is the most watched movie in history. According to Campus Crusade, the agency that produced the title, the film has been seen by about five billion people since its launch in 1979. The film has been available for many years in Persian. It is regularly shown on Christian satellite TV and agencies work hard to make sure keen Christians are able to give the DVD of the film away free. Just this last year one agency, Elam Ministries, produced over 100,000 DVDs of the movie for evangelists to use.

Filmed entirely in Palestine, using professional actors and a memorable music score, this faithful telling of the Jesus story according to Luke has great emotional impact. After thirty years it is still turning hearts. At the end of the film there is a very clear Gospel presentation and a prayer of invitation for the viewer to accept Christ. No doubt thousands of Iranians have become Christians after watching the film in the privacy of their homes.

The production and distribution of the Jesus film is a crucial part of mission to Iran and deserves our fervent prayers.

Pray for:

• Iranians watching the Jesus film to give their hearts to Christ
• Courage for those who distribute the Jesus film
• Funds for those who produce the DVDs