‘Martyrs of Unity’, more military drills: soldiers need prayer.

Friday, January 13th, 2012

As the language of diplomacy between Iran and the West gets harsher, and yet another Iranian nuclear scientist is assassinated, so both Iran’s regular forces (325,000) and the Revolutionary Guards (125,000) are engaging in more military exercises. Over the Christmas season Iran’s navy exercised in the Gulf, and almost as soon as they finished, there was an announcement that the Revolutionary Guards Corps would start more naval exercises on January 27th. Meanwhile the Revolutionary Guards Corps has also started ground force exercises in the east of the country, on the border with Afghanistan. The exercise is called, ‘Martyrs of Unity’. And the regular army is planning major exercises in February. The message to Iran and the rest of the world is clear: Iran is ready to fight.

For Christians interceding for Iran to emerge from these shadows of war it is important not to forget the individual soldier. They are ordinary young men. Many of them are conscripts. They are not necessarily that political, or even that religious. They are like soldiers the world over who need Christ.

Pray for:

• War to be averted
• Christian conscripts in the army
• Soldiers and sailors to hear the Gospel