‘When will it end?’ The human cost of sanctions

Wednesday, November 06th, 2013

A desperate cry rose up last month from a young woman, giving voice to all Iranians who are suffering due to international sanctions. Posting on Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s Facebook page, an anonymous student demanded that he put the suffering of the Iranian people before Iran’s nuclear program.

“I can’t afford the bus fare into town for my studies,” she lamented, “I’m on the verge of depression.” She went on to ask the questions on the lips of all Iranians: “Why am I unemployed? Why don’t I enjoy proper nutrition? Why don’t I have money? This nuclear energy – where is it? What do I get out of it? Even if it’s good for the future of the country, why should we be the victims?” The young people of Iran, fearing for their futures, are resentful that the government is not moving fast enough to get sanctions, and the consequent financial pressures, lifted.

“My life is hanging in the balance and all of you high-ranking officials proceed with your tranquil lives. So you calmly announce the next round of talks while I sob ... When will it end?” Zarif responded, asking her to have hope that “the dawn is near”. Let us pray that Christians in Iran continue to shine the light of Jesus into this particularly dark night, and that Zarif is right: that the dawn of a new day is near.

Pray for:
• Economic relief for Iranian people
• Many to find hope in Jesus
• Christians to be enabled to give generously