12 baptised at recent women's conference

Saturday, September 29th, 2018

This month Elam held a conference for 19 women, each hand-selected from across the Iran region. Many had been abused or experienced other traumas. These women came thirsty to know how to witness and how to be more productive for God’s mission. The week-long conference was a huge blessing to all who were there.

  • Teaching: on being rooted deeply in Jesus, leaving their problems to God and receiving from His Word (Jeremiah 17:7-8).
  • Evangelism: most of the women at the conference were new believers, with no experience in sharing their faith. They learnt so much as they distributed 30 bibles, 10 children’s bibles and 50 CDs in a shopping area. Sara* was deeply encouraged as she witnessed to 12 people in 2 hours, 9 of whom accepted a New Testament.
  • Baptism: “You should have seen the joy and excitement on their faces,” said one leader of the 12 ladies who were baptised. For Leila*, it had been one of her deepest desires to be baptised.

 Please pray for these 19 women, that they would have courage to continue in what they have learnt now that they have returned home. May they be deeply rooted in Jesus and bold in sharing His love with others.