12 believers in a village of 100

Monday, November 30th, 2020
When Nader left his rural life to find work in a nearby city, he had no idea that God would use him to bring the Gospel to his remote, tiny village.

A few months ago, Nader became friends with a Christian whom he met after moving to the city. Convinced by what his friend said about Jesus, Nader became a believer and was discipled through the Safar discipleship journey.

Nader soon returned home and began sharing the Gospel with family members one by one.

Today, 12 residents of the tiny village - which has a population of fewer than 100 - have professed faith in Christ. Most of these new believers are being discipled through Safar, and they are using Elam's Weekly Fellowship resource as they meet for fellowship.

Nader hopes to take part in a discipleship course soon, to equip him for ministry. And Nader and his mentors are praying that one day the whole village will be Christian.

 Please pray:

  • For the 12 new believers to grow in their faith;
  • For Nader to be nurtured as an emerging leader;
  • For the ongoing spread of the Gospel in the village.

*Image for illustration. A pseudonym has been used.