25 years on: Remembering Rev. Tateos Michaelian

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

It is 25 years since the tragic murder of Rev. Tateos Michaelian in Iran.

Rev. Michaelian, a brilliant scholar and translator as well as pastor, was killed in June 1994, just weeks after agreeing with Sam Yeghnazar (Elam's founder) to take a leading role in Elam’s new Bible translation project. Following Tateos's death, the endeavour was named ‘the Michaelian Project’ in his honour.

As a true lover and proclaimer of the Word of God, we are sure Tateos would be delighted that more than 2 million copies of the Scriptures have been printed so far, thanks to the Michaelian Project. As a result, countless Iranians have come to faith; lives, marriages and whole families have been transformed; churches have been planted and strengthened; and the hunger for the Word of God keeps growing.

Rev. Michaelian did not live to see the remarkable harvest in Iran. But God had given him faith for the generations to come. When asked why he was eager to translate so many Christian books into Persian, he responded, “Now we have very few Persian-speaking Christians, but I know God will have plenty in a few years. I know that this is God’s plan for Iran... I know the doors will be opened for Christ.” 

To learn more about this remarkable man of faith, his ministry and how he died, read this moving interview with his daughter Mariet. 

And read about the emotional moment when Sam Yeghnazar presented Tateos’s widow, Juliet, with the first copy of the completed Persian Bible in 2014.

 Please pray for the family of Rev. Michaelian, especially Juliet. And thank God for the countless people who have been blessed and built up by his ministry during his life and since his martyrdom.