3 more Christians moved to brutal prison

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

In October, three more Christian prisoners were moved from Evin prison to the more brutal Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj. This follows Farshid Fathi’s unexplained move to Rajai Shahr in August, and Saeed Abedini’s transfer in November 2013.  Let’s pray for these brothers to be protected and given comfort and courage in their new situation.

Rasoul Abdollahi, Alireza Seyyedian and Ebrahim Firouzi were transferred, along with four other prisoners of conscience, in early October. The reason for the move is unknown. Alireza and Rasoul are reportedly held in a particularly overcrowded part of the prison and are on hunger strike in protest.  The prison is known to be particularly violent and unpredictable.  The Christians and other prisoners of conscience are incarcerated alongside violent criminals, despite Iran’s own laws stating that prisoners of conscience should be kept separate.

The new location for these prisoners brings fresh challenges to their family members, who must now travel a greater distance to visit them. The seemingly arbitrary move appears to be another way of intimidating these already suffering Christian brothers. Please hold them up in prayer.

Pray for

  • The Christians to be a light in the dark place
  • Courage and comfort
  • Many prisoners and guards to come to Christ