30,000 Persian ‘Action Bibles’ in print

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Beautiful. Engaging. Dynamic.

In 2013 the New Testament 'Action Bible' was launched in Persian. Now 30,000 copies of the whole ‘Action Bible’ have come off the press.

This magnificent publication has enormous potential to enthuse Iranian children and youth with a love for the Scriptures.

The New Testament 'Action Bible' has been incredibly popular with Iranian children and young teens. Now they will be bowled over by the action-packed illustrated stories of the Old Testament.

Please join with us in praying that the completed Action Bible will have a greater impact than we could ever ask or imagine, and that the fruit of it will continue to be reaped for decades to come. Another 150,000 New Testaments were also printed recently, ready for more evangelism in the Iran region; please join us in praying for immeasurable impact from these Scriptures too.

Pray for:

  • Distribution of the Action Bibles to the Iran region

  • Young Persians to be introduced to Jesus through this Bible

  • Young Christians to go deeper in their love of the Lord