35 house churches planted thanks to Safar

Monday, August 05th, 2019

At least 35 new house churches have been planted directly as a result of Safar since its launch in 2018. We praise God that this innovative 1-to-1 discipleship process is not only helping disciple individuals, but is also proving to be a powerful tool for growing the Iranian church.

As thousands of new believers are discipled through this highly relational and biblical process, they are soon confident to share their faith with others. And so the Gospel spreads and more new believers are discipled. It’s not surprising that small new fellowships are now being born every week thanks to Safar.

Learn more about the Safar initiative.

 Please pray for protection and spiritual maturity for these new fellowships.

 Praise the Lord with us for the positive impact that Safar is already having on the Iranian church.