41 Christian men deeply impacted

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

"For some of our brothers the change that had happened in their hearts was clearly visible on their joyful faces," says a ministry leader, reflecting on a recent week-long conference through which 41 Christian men from Iran were deeply impacted.

"These men returned home changed. We have heard that many of the wives are amazed at how differently their husbands behave with them and their children. Their husbands are already treating them with more respect and love."

During the conference, the men - thirsty to learn - received teaching on what it means to be a Christian man in the family, at work, in church and in society. Deep repentance and deliverance was needed for some of the men, but still an atmosphere of joy pervaded throughout the week, especially on the day that 21 of the men were baptised.

 Please join us in thanking God that he was at work in these 41 men during the conference, and pray he would continue to bring them to maturity through His Word and by His Spirit.

 Pray that each of the men would continue to walk in the light of what they received - in their families, at work, in church and in the wider community.