Abortion, time to talk

Tuesday, March 01st, 2011

Iranian women have abortions, but the church to date has said little. With no clear lead, the loss of life, and the wounding of the mother continues. A number of Iranian Christian leaders have decided it’s time to talk. Elam Ministries will soon be publishing a book, ‘Abortion: right or wrong’ by Dr Mojdeh Shirvanian clearly setting out the medical facts and explaining why abortion can never be an option for a Christian, unless the mother’s life is threatened. Next week the agency will launch a powerful four-minute internet film, called ‘Interview With An Unborn Child’. Those who have seen previews have been deeply moved.

Pray for

  • Wide distribution of ‘Abortion: right and wrong’
  • Millions to see ‘Interview With An Unborn Child’
  • Abortion rates to drop