Addicts death rate improves, only nine die every day

Friday, January 08th, 2010

The head of Iran’s Drugs Control Headquarters, General Esmaeil Ahmadi-Moqaddam has told a news agency that the death rate for the country’s estimated six million addicts has improved from twelve (2007-8) to nine a day (2008-9). He called addiction the country’s worst social problem. The main drugs used are heroin and opium which pour in from Afghanistan despite the government’s efforts to stem the flow. Addicts are not limited to the poor. Recent research shows that 40% are self employed, 30% of them have a university education, and over 7% work for the government. It is a curse spread over all classes. In many churches there are individuals who have been gloriously freed from addiction by Jesus Christ. However still more training is needed, so that Christians can more effectively counter this curse.

Pray for

  • Millions of addicts to hear about Christ
  • More training for Christians in reaching addicts
  • Churches to know how to handle desperate addicts – and their families