Addicts, now turning to toads for a new high

Monday, August 17th, 2009

In millions of homes the daily torture is not politics: it is drugs. This remains the number on scar on the heart of the nation. Most addicts use opium or heroin, which flows over the borders from Afghanistan. However, experts have noticed some worrying changes. One is the increased usage of the heroin variants, ‘crystal’ and ‘crack’ whose intensity has caused a number of fatal overdoses; and the other is that toads are now on the drug menu. Dr Mokri says that addicts are now breeding toads to kill and then use their dried skins in cigarettes. When smoked the skin releases poisonous chemicals which deliver hallucinations.

Nobody yet knows what the impact of this toad abuse will be. Though Iran spends billions of dollars on combating drugs, it remains, according to the UN, the country with the highest opiate abuse in the world. For the estimated four million families ravaged by the effects of addiction, while some have been set free through the Gospel, there is a crying need for more Christian agencies with a proven record of success to minister to Iran’s addicts, including those who have got high on toads.

Pray for:

  • Churches presently ministering to addicts
  • New agencies to be raised up to treat the curse of addiction
  • Comfort and strength for families torn apart by addicts.