Air travel, hopefully got a bit safer

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Last month there was another appalling air disaster. On January 11th a 36 year old Boeing 727 crash landed near Orumeyeh in the North West of Iran killing 77 passengers. Usually though it’s not the ageing Boeings that get into trouble, but the ageing Topulevs from Russia. In January last year one crashed landed in Mashad; in July 2009 one caught fire mid flight on the way to Armenia, killing all 168 passengers on board; in 2002 one crashed into the mountains on the way to Khorammabad, all 118 people on board died. So, flying on these planes hasn’t been without anxiety for passengers. The good news is that the Head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Authority has banned all Tupolev 154’s from the skies. Air travel, which in a vast country like Iran is essential for some, has just got a bit safer.

Pray for

  • Experience of air travel to focus people onto eternal questions
  • Opportunities for Christians to share while on planes
  • Safety to keep on improving