Another anniversary, probably best to move on

Tuesday, June 08th, 2010

June 12th is the anniversary of last year’s disputed presidential election result. The government have made it clear they will not tolerate any disturbances. Given that hundreds were put in prison and at least two have been executed it is likely that those inclined to protest will stay at home. For the church this is better. A calmer atmosphere will mean more normal activities can continue. Another season of protests followed by a strict crack down would not provide for that. From last year’s events there are thousands of hurting people who need to know that only true peace and justice can be found in Christ. All societies have stress, and Jesus is the only real stress buster.

Pray for

  • June 12th to be peaceful
  • For Christians to continue to honour all those in authority
  • Many hurting people from last year’s troubles to find Christ