Answer to financial corruption: the death sentence

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Iran has got used to pyramid selling scams. There was news just this month of fifteen companies being broken up. But the banking scandal last year is of a different order. About 2.6 billion dollars was embezzled using fake letters of credit. The country was shocked. The head of the Bank of Sedarat was fired, and the head of the Bank of Melli fled to Canada. He doesn’t seem keen to return. That’s not surprising as the head of the judiciary, Ayatollah Larijani, has announced that five of the 31 suspects could face the death sentence.

While Christians might raise an eyebrow over the death sentence being used, all would agree it is important to counter financial corruption. It harms everyone, especially the poor. Corruption also gives Christians a good opportunity to live out the New Testament’s call for Jesus’s disciples to live simply, and so show their neighbours that true riches are found not in the quicksand of money, but in a relationship with God through Christ.

Pray for:

• Wisdom for the judiciary dealing with the banking scandal
• Success for authorities seeking to root out corruption
• Witness of Christians in material matters