An answered prayer: 2 salvations following a 3-hour prayer walk

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

Jaleh had been prayer-walking the streets of her city for three hours, asking God to lead her to someone with whom she could share Jesus. She'd offered to pray for a few people but no-one was interested.

She was feeling discouraged when she suddenly crossed paths with a teenage girl in great distress. Through her tears, the girl revealed that her relationship with her mother had broken down: she was no longer welcome at home. "I have nowhere to go," sobbed the girl.

It was not long before Jaleh was knocking on the door of the girl's home. When she said she was a Christian, she was welcomed in. Parvin, the girl's mother, was also distressed about the argument so Jaleh comforted her and then shared the Gospel. Her heart deeply moved, Parvin professed faith in Christ right then. She also allowed her daughter to return home.

The next day, Jaleh returned to begin discipling Parvin through Safar. To Jaleh's surprise, Parvin had a friend with her. "She wants to hear about Jesus too," explained Parvin. That day, Jaleh had the joy of leading Parvin's friend to Christ and she continues to disciple these two new believers.

 Please pray for:

  • The spiritual growth of Parvin and her friend;
  • Parvin and her daughter's relationship;
  • Jaleh's ongoing courage and protection as she shares Jesus in Iran.

*Image for illustration. Pseudonyms have been used for security reasons.