Apocalyptic dust storm swallows Tehran

Thursday, June 05th, 2014

At least four people are believed to have died and many more were injured when a gigantic dust storm engulfed Tehran on Monday night. The freak weather, which struck in the late afternoon, sent residents dashing for cover as debris swept across streets and snapped trees as the city was hit with 110 kilometer per hour winds.

Pictures of the dust storm, commonly called a “haboob” across the Middle East, were posted to social media, showing a massive dark orange cloud covering the city before it turned dark and the outside temperature plunged from 33C to 18C. The storm caused power cuts and traffic accidents from poor visibility.  Almost 7000 emergency workers were deployed within the hour.  “This is like an apocalyptic Hollywood movie. I’m scared,” a woman said, running into a shop to escape the gales seconds after the storm hit.

Let’s pray for Tehran as it recovers from this disaster, and especially for the many house church Christians who live in the capital, as they seek to serve and witness to their city in the aftermath.

Pray for

  • Christians to be a witness in the clear-up efforts
  • The families of those who died
  • Full recoveries for those who were injured