Arezoo: starting to heal thanks to women's conference

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Arezoo cried for over an hour as she shared her heart-breaking story at a recent Elam women's conference.

Her story shows why dedicated discipleship conferences are indispensable.

At a young age Arezoo tragically lost both parents. She grew up in a relative's house, where she was routinely abused.

A broken, depressed young woman, Arezoo married young in an attempt to escape her nightmare. But the nightmare persisted: her husband was also abusive and often brought other women to the house.

The marriage ended in divorce and Arezoo left Iran, desperate for a fresh start. In a country near Iran she met a Christian who shared the Gospel, and she gave her life to Christ.

But the deep wounds from Arezoo's past continued to cause her pain. She needed a safe space for counselling and prayer, to allow her to start dealing with the trauma she had endured. So her pastor recommended her for an Elam women's conference.

Through the conference God wonderfully began to bring freedom and healing, and to restore Arezoo's sense of worth. Arezoo's journey to healing has begun and the women's ministry team will continue to walk with her.

Please join us in praying:

  • That Arezoo would soon come to full healing and freedom in Christ.
  • That all 58 women who attended the conference would continue to draw close to the Lord and put into practice what they learned.
  • For all the women like Arezoo, desperate for prayer and counselling, who will attend women’s discipleship conferences during 2018.