Azeris, surprised by Scriptures

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Though 25% of Iranians are Azeris – ethnically Turks - they are very well integrated into Iran and are represented in all walks of life. Indeed the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamanei, is half Azeri. And though they have their own spoken language, Azeris have the same passion for the Persian language that all Iranians have. Persian is the only language they read. Due to this integration translating the Scriptures into Azeri has not been a priority for mission agencies. However a small team has faithfully committed itself to this task for nearly twenty years believing that having the Scriptures in their mother tongue, making slight changes to the Persian alphabet, would make a difference for Azeris. The New Testament was published recently and distribution has started in the Iran region. First signs would seem to indicate that the dogged faith of this small translation team is going to be rewarded, for when Azeris receive the Scriptures in their mother tongue there is genuine surprise and joy.

Pray for

  • Hundreds of thousands of Azeri New Testaments to be distributed
  • Completion of the whole Bible
  • The growth of the Azeri church