Banking scandal, injustice in the air

Saturday, November 05th, 2011

Iran’s $2.8 billion banking scam is still very much in the headlines. This week President Ahmadinejad’s Economic’s Minister, Shamseddin Hosseini, faced an impeachment motion in parliament. He survived. There have also been calls for the President to present himself before the house to answer questions about the scandal. There is no indication he will go. Over in Canada the man at the centre of the scandal, Mahmoud Reza Khavari, has reportedly given a $3 million house to his daughter, and while some politicians there are calling for him to be stripped of his citizenship, and Iran is demanding his return – no flights are booked.
All of this is leaving a sense of injustice in the air. With this case continuing to get air time and print space, the feeling there is an elite controlling the economy who can get away with making vast fortunes at the expense of the ordinary man inevitably gets stronger. For Christians this is an opportunity to emphasize that Jesus Christ bluntly said you can either love God or money, and to demonstrate that a true believer lives a simple life.

Pray for

• Justice to be done in this case
• Christians to set an example regarding materialism
• Church to constantly favour the poor