Baptism and Holy Communion: ‘so excited...she fainted’.

Friday, July 27th, 2012

It’s not easy for Christians in Iran to get baptized, or to celebrate Holy Communion. For one Christian lady, it all proved too much when during one meeting at a conference in the region, there was both a baptism service and Holy Communion: she fainted.

There is not just emotion at these conferences. There is also a determination among those there to learn as much as they can, to teach others in Iran. One lady who found it difficult to write notes and listen at the same time, worked late into the night and got up early in the morning to copy from her friends’ note books. Another faithfully typed up the notes so everyone in her network would benefit from the teaching. Some of them wrote down the lyrics of the songs to pass on.

Courage and commitment are needed by all who come to these conferences. Travelling is not easy, and there is real danger of imprisonment if participants are arrested by the authorities. But these conferences are crucial for the ongoing growth and health of the church.

Pray for
• God’s continued anointing on conferences
• Wisdom for teachers
• Protection for participants.