Battle of the Straits, angels needed

Wednesday, January 04th, 2012

The battle of words over the straits of Hormoz is raging. If new US sanctions banning the sale of Iranian oil comes into force, Iran has threatened to close the straits. One third of the world’s oil exports flow through the narrow waterway. Iran’s navy has just finished exercises designed to demonstrate the country’s control of the straits. The US is committed to keeping the waterway open. Her fifth fleet is stationed in Bahrain. Meanwhile Iran tested two long-range missiles, and declared that her scientists had produced the country’s first nuclear fuel rod. These announcements did not help the US think again about its sanctions.
Angels are needed. The human race again and again slips and slides towards catastrophic war, the cheap words of banal bravado turning into the coffins of the innocent young. May God have mercy on Iran and the US and send angels in answer to fervent prayer to restrain the dogs of war.

Pray for

• Divine wisdom for diplomats to stop war
• Leaders of Iran and the West to renew talks
• Senior Christian leaders to speak out against war