Behnam Irani released: others remain imprisoned

Thursday, November 03rd, 2016

After years of suffering for his Christian faith, Behnam Irani was finally released from prison in Karaj on October 17th. He had been in prison since May 2011.

Behnam’s years in prison were marked by unjust suffering. For the first few months he was held in solitary confinement where guards used sleep deprivation as a form of psychological abuse. Much of the rest of his time inside was spent in a cell with hardened criminals. At their hands Behnam suffered physical abuse. He was also beaten by the prison guards. 

This is now a crucial season for Behnam Irani. Much prayer is needed that he receives both the comfort and spiritual strengthening he surely needs. 

The unjust harassment of Iranians who choose to follow Jesus Christ sadly continues. Yaser Mosibzadeh, Saheb Fadayee and Mohammed Reza Omidi from Rasht were sentenced in September to 80 lashes for consuming a small amount of alcohol during a communion service. This sentence has everything to do with the judiciary’s ferocious hatred of Christians. The three Christians are appealing the sentence. 

Meanwhile Hadi Askari, Amin Afshar and Amir Dashti remain in prison. They were abducted by security forces while enjoying a picnic with their families on 26th August in Tehran province. At the same picnic Ramiel Bet Tamraz, and Mohammad Dehney were also arrested. On October 10th these two were released on a bail that totalled $33,000. They will probably be called to court to face unknown charges. 

Pray for

  • Behnam Irani and his family
  • Yaser Mosibzadeh, Saheb Fadayee and Mohammed Reza Omidi sentenced to 80 lashes
  • Hadi Askari, Amin Afshar and Amir Dashti and many others unjustly detained