The Bible, easy to forget what happens behind the scenes

Tuesday, June 08th, 2010

According to Wikipedia, 450 versions of the Bible have been translated into languages of the English people. There are only three in Persian, and one of those is a paraphrase. A fourth, the Millennium Bible, will be out soon. This new translation (New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs is published) is already enriching the life of the Iranian church. A lot of focus is often given to those engaged in the brave work of distribution, but we need to spare a thought for the patient souls who work through the text checking for the smallest mistake. Their work is crucial. Once checked, then there is the type-setting, and as we all know computers can have a mind of their own. And….a host of other issues arise, never known by the reader, but someone behind the scenes has worked tirelessly to ensure a great Bible is published.

Pray for

  • All those engaged in Bible translation work into Persian
  • Wisdom for just the right work
  • Computers to be friendly