Bible translation

Friday, March 01st, 2013

Iranians have been deeply appreciative of Elam Ministries’ modern translation of the New Testament in Persian, as well as some portions of the Old Testament. Known as the ‘New Millennium’ translation, over one million New Testaments are now in print. Iranians are very keen to have the whole Bible. There is tremendous demand.

Veterans in this field say that Bible translators should expect plenty of attacks, especially at the end of a project. The translation of the Millennium Bible is now in its final months. It is at the checking stage, and next is the type-setting. It should be published this year.

But it is wise to take the warning of the veterans seriously, and to ask for even more determined prayer that this project will be protected and that soon Iranians will hear that the new Bibles are pouring off the printing presses.

Pray for
• All on the team, especially the team co-ordinators
• Accuracy for checking and type-setting
• The printing