Bibles and books – not either or, but both and.

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

You can’t print Christian books or Bibles inside the country, so all has to be sent. Not surprisingly most of us want every Iranian to at least be able to have a copy of a New Testament in their family circle. And so here, quite rightly in a way, is where the focus has been. Still millions more need to be sent, but at least several hundred thousand have gone on their way.

            But here’s the problem – what about space for Christian books? All of you reading this have been edified by Christian books, and some of us have had difficult questions wonderfully clarified. There needs to be that extra capacity whereby the world-wide church does not say either Bibles or Books – but both Bibles and Books

            And into that extra capacity there are now many more books to send thanks to the energetic publishing of the Iranian church. One agency, Elam Ministries, now offers over four hundred titles, and just in the last six months has published fifteen new titles, including such classics as Josh McDowell’s ‘More Than A Carpenter’, and the late Ronald Dunn’s ‘When Heaven Is Silent’, probably the best modern book on suffering ever written.

            So, now more than ever intercessors need to pray for God to provide that extra capacity so these books in their traditional format can be taken to Iran. And to pray for those working on getting books onto into a format which can be easily downloaded on to computers and phones.

Pray for

  • More good Christian books to be sent to Iran
  • More to be made available electronically
  • Strength and passion for all involved – authors, translators, administrators