Billy Graham, speaking out for Iranian Christian prisoner

Monday, September 30th, 2013

The world’s most famous evangelical Christian, 94 year old Dr. Billy Graham, has added his voice to the campaign for the release of Iranian Christian Saeed Abedini from Evin Prison, Tehran.

Let us pray that high profile voices like Dr. Graham’s will help secure freedom for Saeed Abedini, Farshid Fathi, and the nearly forty other Christians reported to be behind bars for their faith.

Dr. Graham wrote to Iran’s president welcoming the recent release of political prisoners in Iran. However he rightly reminded President Rouhani that the continued imprisonment of Saeed Abedini (and by implication all Christian prisoners) threatens the prospects of improvement in international relations Iran seeks.

So far Rouhani’s new tone has not benefitted the Christian community significantly. Two Christian ladies, Maryam Jalili and Mitra Zahmati, were let out of prison with the other prisoners of conscience. However this appears more like a gesture than concrete progress: both ladies were released just a month before their sentences were due to be completed.

As we pray for the release of all Christian prisoners, let us thank God that He continues to powerfully use their witness for the growth of His Kingdom*.

Pray for:
• More high profile figures to speak out loudly
• Saeed Abedini, Farshid Fathi and all prisoners of conscience to be released
• Maryam Jalili and Mitra Zahmati as they recover and adjust to normal life

*To read how God uses His people in Iran’s prisons, order a copy of ‘Captive in Iran’ by Maryam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh, available via Amazon.