Cautious optimism for nuclear resolution: let's pray

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Talks in Geneva this week have produced hope that a nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers can be reached. But in order for this hope to be realised trust must continue to build between both sides, the lack of which has undermined all previous talks. Christians should intercede earnestly that the good progress made in Geneva will be constructively built upon.

The Iranian foreign minister on Tuesday gave an hour long PowerPoint presentation in Geneva, to which the gathered group of world powers responded positively. Prior to the talks, Iran had drawn a red line, insisting that it would not allow its current stocks of enriched uranium to be shipped out of the country as part of any deal- a demand that world powers had previously made. But despite the red line, spokespersons from both sides expressed that there is now cautious optimism for resolution: this represents a level of engagement not seen for several years.

International negotiators want Tehran to take specific steps to prevent it from ever being able to make nuclear weapons. In return, they promise to lift some of the international sanctions which have been imposed on Iran in recent years. Negotiation over exactly which steps Iran is willing to take has been the substance of a long series of fruitless talks. Let us pray that this latest round of talks is indeed a definite turning point on this journey.

Pray for
• Continued progress in Geneva
• Constructive talks in November
• Genuine commitment to progress from all parties