Christian TV programme on temporary marriage - huge response

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

Elam’s TV programme ‘Women’s World’ is already very popular. A week ago it became even more popular when it tackled the evil of temporary marriage in Iran. In Iran it is legal to get a marriage license for a few hours.

As soon as the programme finished, the phones started ringing. It was clear to the counsellors that temporary marriage, known as ‘Sigheh’ in Iran, was not just on the increase, but was causing misery wherever it entered a home.

The programme also had a practical impact. One man who had taken a temporary wife phoned to say that as he watched the programme he felt convicted. As soon as the programme finished, he had asked his temporary wife to leave.

The response showed the programme had hit a raw nerve. The programme makers need much wisdom to continue making programmes that will bring a message of hope directly to the area in people’s lives that are hurting.

Pray for:

  • Public revulsion against temporary marriages
  • Women and men who have suffered from its curse
  • Wisdom for Christian TV programme makers and counsellors