Christians reaching out, no strangers to sickness

Friday, May 06th, 2011

Christians engaged in seeking to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Iran region have learned through experience not to take their health for granted. One minister, talking informally about preparing for conferences in the region, said it was normal for an unexpected ailment to suddenly appear. Dealing with it was a part of the preparation. If one casts a even casual eye over major projects it is easy to see how their history has been marked by a struggle with very serious sickness and accidents. All successful Christian ministry depends on God raising up a team of faithful men and women who will work with one heart for the furtherance of Christ’s kingdom. More prayer is needed that those engaged in reaching Iran with the Gospel remain healthy in body, mind, and soul

Pray for

Healing for those ministering to Iran suffering from sickness
Health for all those engaged in mission to Iran
More prayer to be raised up for health of Christian workers