Christians still in prison; Christians still worshipping

Tuesday, March 01st, 2011

One day there are reports of believers being released after signing away vast amounts of money or even the deeds of their properties: the next day there are reports of further arrests. It’s a cruel loop, and no Christian knows when it will come near them. Yet despite this shadow, the worship continues. Believers continue to sing praise; intercede intensely for those in prison; and share the joy in their heart.

It is reckoned that at least thirty Christians are still being held in prison. One leader has issued a call for very specific prayer for the Christians, their gaolers and the other prisoners. Please visit -

Those who have been released have been scarred by their experience. They need to have a ‘Manasseh’ moment, as Joseph did, that God will make them forget all the hardship they endured.

Pray for

  • The cruel cycle of arrest, imprisonment, and high bail to end
  • For those in prison, their guards, and the other prisoners
  • A Manasseh moment for those released