Christmas, everyone knows it’s about Jesus

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Everyone in Iran knows that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. Greetings will be given to the Armenian and Assyrian Christians living in the country, and thousands of Iranians in the Diaspora will join in celebrations.
As in the West, this is a crucial time to take the opportunity and to explain what Christmas is all about. In all the evangelistic activity that Christmas inspires, perhaps most important of all are all the phone and skype calls that Iranians living outside the country will make to friends and relatives in Iran over the holiday season. Testimonies will be shared, stories of Jesus told. So too Iranians will be posting Christmas greetings on facebook and other blogging sites. All can have impact. TV programmes and websites will also be making an extra effort.

Pray for

• Anointing on phone calls Christians make to friends and relatives
• Clarity for those sharing on facebook and blogs
• Wisdom for those making TV programmes and websites.