Christmas present for Christians: prison

Friday, January 14th, 2011

The Governor of Tehran has confirmed that his security forces have arrested many evangelical Christians in Tehran, and promised to detain more. There have also been arrests in Isphahan and other cities. The Christians were taken in the early hours of December 26th, a number were released after intense questioning, but at least fourteen have been kept in prison. The arrests are arbitrary, and the victims have had no access to any legal advice. No charges have been made. In his speech the Governor, Mr Morteza Tamadon, insulted all Christians accusing them of being ‘corrupt’ and ‘deviant’. To read about the arrests in more detail, please click here.

Pray for

  • Endurance and courage for all Christians in prison, including these fourteen
  • Comfort for their families
  • The Iranian government to end its policy of persecuting Christians