Church growth, one by one

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Growth in some countries is when crowds cram into a football stadium to hear a Billy Graham preach, and thousands pour forward at the end to repent. That is impossible in the Iran region. But growth is constantly happening – one by one. Last week a young man was invited to a church. He heard the message and the next day came to the preacher with questions about the Trinity and his own religion. The preacher did not engage in a theological or religious discussion, instead he asked the young man the question Jesus asked Andrew and the other disciple in John 1, ‘What are you looking for?’ The young man replied, ‘The true God.’ The preacher replied that Jesus had then said, ‘Come and see’, and encouraged the young man to talk directly to Jesus. The next day the young man came to the church prayer meeting and gave his life to Christ. And so that night the Iranian church grew, one by one.

Pray for

  • Many more seekers to be drawn to church
  • For them to be encouraged to ‘Come and See’
  • For the building up of this young man and many others like him