Church leadership, only for the brave.

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

At least seven men are still being held in prison for their faith in Jesus Christ, but as they sit in prison, the church – because it is the church – is growing. People are coming to faith. And this means, whatever titles are given, someone has to step in as a leader. With the increasing hostility experienced by the church in recent months, leadership is only for the brave. There have been seasons when persecution has been sporadic. That is not today’s season. So anyone stepping forward to try and organise a prayer meeting risks arbitrary arrest, imprisonment, and then possibly losing their home as it is signed away as bail. The brothers and sisters, who are set apart by the Holy Spirit for this task, deserve our fervent prayers, as do those who try and help them.

Pray for

• Speedy release of seven in prison
• Courage for new leaders
• Wisdom for those helping leaders