Coming together in worship

Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Next month Elam will host a training conference for 100 worship leaders from across the Iran region. This is an important part of deepening the culture of worship in the church.

 Please join us in praying that each of these leaders and their churches will be strengthened as a result of the conference, as they receive training, enjoy fellowship, and experience God through worship together.

We pray that they would lead by example as they daily worship the Lord with their whole hearts and whole lives, declaring God’s glory in all they say and do.

Elements of this conference will also be filmed for a new season of the popular Time for Worship TV program to be broadcast via satellite TV and online. This program plays an important role in providing a corporate worship experience for isolated Christians all over Iran and connecting them to the body of Christ.

Furthermore, short clips of songs from these episodes are playing a vital role in evangelism as Iranians share them via social media, introducing many to the Gospel through music.

 Please pray that individuals will encounter Jesus as they listen to, watch, and join in with the songs, prayers and verses of Scripture in each episode of Time for Worship.

P.S. Full episodes of Time for Worship are available on YouTube. You can watch here. This episode features the worship song ‘Shout to the Lord’, which has been translated into Persian.