"This conference was a Christmas gift to us."

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020

"We had a problem in our marriage for three years," recalls Mahnaz, whose husband recently attended an online men's conference with Elam.

"There was no affection there. I was desperate and praying to God. But since this conference, the way he communicates with me has been different. He has started being affectionate for the first time. I know it’s a new beginning."

Mahnaz's husband was one of 500 men from Iran and the wider region who were deeply impacted by this special men's conference during December. The preaching - which drew out lessons from the life of Joseph, Jesus's earthly father - included an emphasis on treating wives with honour and affection, as well as dealing with pertinent issues such as reputation and fear.

"This conference was a Christmas gift to us," smiles Mahnaz. "Thank you.”

 Please pray for:

  • All the men who attended the conference - including Mahnaz's husband - to continue living in the light of what they learned;
  • Plans to expand men's ministry in 2021, to further disciple the men of Iran's church.
*A pseudonym has been used. Image for illustration.