Conferences: enabling and strengthening ministry

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

In Iran, sharing the good news is dangerous. Gathering as a church is risky.  Labourers can feel isolated and lonely.

This is why they love to gather together for training whenever possible.

Following a recent conference in the Iran region, leaders returned home encouraged and determined to persevere through the difficulties:

“I live in a very tiny town.  It is so easy to feel isolated in your ministry and start believing that you are not worthy or recognised by God or anybody else.  The Lord reminded me that He sees the smallest thing I do! I’ve made a promise to the Lord, to continue in his path for as long as I live.”

“During the conference the Lord reassured me that despite all my weaknesses, he has called me to serve him.  Thank you Lord, that despite all my short comings, you allow me to be a small part of the growth of your wonderful Kingdom.”

 “I made a new covenant to the Lord at the conference.  I am committed to share the good news of Jesus to everyone coming my way.  I pray that the Lord with anoint me with boldness and courage to carry out his ministry.”

Pray for

  • All those in ministry inside Iran
  • Isolated believers to feel part of the body of Christ
  • More opportunities and freedom for believers to gather