Crime rise, bit too easy to blame foreigners

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

There has been some alarm over crime in recent months. There is the increase in knife attacks, particularly in Tehran. There were just over 1,000 last year according to the Chief Medical Examiner. And there have been some very lurid rape cases. Near Isfahan in Maya, a mixed gathering was attacked by intruders who locked up the men, and raped all the women. A week later a female student was gang raped in Mashad. These assaults were then kept in the news when a religious official said the victims were ‘not worthy’. Women were outraged.
With talk of crime in the press, now a police chief has issued a statement saying it is all the work of foreigners. Others have blamed the economy. Christians know that most crime has nothing to do with either foreigners or the economy – but the corruption of the human heart that can only be changed by an encounter with Jesus Christ. When the news fills up with crime stories, this is a call for believers to be more urgent in spreading the Gospel.

Pray for

• All those responsible for tackling crime
• The streets to be safe
• Christians to see criminals come to faith