The Cross and the Switchblade: good reminder that prayer is the foundation

Friday, June 10th, 2011

David Wilkerson’s book and film ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’ were hugely popular in Iran. Thousands knew the story of the young Christian preacher who went to share Christ with teenage gang members on the violent streets of New York in the 1950’s. David Wilkerson sadly died in a car accident in April. He was 79 years old and still preaching Christ.

Prayer was the foundation for his ministry that touched so many. His outreach to New York began when he decided to switch off his television, and spend time in prayer. This is when he saw the despairing faces of the teenagers of New York in a magazine, and heard God’s call.

Years later he was again walking the streets of New York, deeply saddened by the streets awash with pimps, porn, prostitutes and drug dealers. His response was to cancel all his appointments and pray for three months. The result was Times Square Church in the heart of New York which now has 8,000 members.

Mission to New York, mission to Tehran, the foundation must be the same: prayer.

Pray for:

• God to raise up prayer warriors like David Wilkerson for Iran
• News of persecution to galvanise more prayer
• Prayer meetings to be anointed.