Dangerous driving; 135 dead, 625 injured in four days

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Between October 13th and 16th there were 470 serious road accidents which left 135 dead and 625 injured according to the Tehran Times. Most of the accidents were due to speeding and taking corners badly, especially on the winding roads from Tehran up to the Northern provinces. After heart disease, road accidents are the second major cause of death in Iran, with victims usually killed by head injuries. Nearly every family has a relative whose life has been tragically been cut short as they have simply got into a car or a bus. Another sad aspect of this is that since many drivers are healthy men, families lose their main bread-winner. For Christians these stark figures are a good reminder to work, while it is still day.

Pray for

  • Christians to be source of comfort to grieving relatives
  • Churches to teach on the importance of road safety
  • Government to take radical action to cut road deaths