Darius’ story: a life transformed by the love of Christ

Saturday, September 08th, 2018

Every day across the Persian-speaking world, lives are being transformed by the love of Christ. These changed lives are a powerful witness, leading many others to ask questions about Jesus and engage with the Bible.

Darius* grew up in a Muslim family in Iran. His story of faith is a great example of how many are finding salvation:

  • Darius ran into an old friend, Massoud*, who had become a Christian.
  • Darius was surprised to see how much Massoud had changed.
  • He went with Massoud to a Christian worship service.
  • He was surprised and touched to see people praying with love.
  • He began to question what he had been told about God.
  • He started to read the New Testament and marvelled at Jesus.
  • He became convinced that the message of the Bible was true.
  • Darius gave his life to the Lord.
  • He began witnessing to others, starting with his family.
  • His life is now being transformed as he is discipled.

Please join us in praising the Lord for people like Darius and Massoud, whose lives are being transformed in Christ. Pray too that many others will come to experience Jesus’ loving and life-changing salvation.

*Names altered for security reasons.