The daughters of Mary, still sitting at His feet

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

In a land where the official laws are constantly demeaning women as being worth less than men it is not surprising that many women are turning to Jesus. And when they become believers, they long to sit at His feet and then go out and spread the fame of His name. In recent years hundreds of thousands of Iranians have heard the Gospel from women. They have pioneered countless fellowships.

It is important that space is provided for these daughters of Mary so they can be revived and strengthened. Elam Ministries regularly holds conferences for women in the region. One has just finished. Seventy-three women came together for worship and teaching and have left with a spring in their feet to serve. ‘Receptive’ is the word used by the conference organiser. The women just wanted to sit and drink in the Bible teaching. As many of the women came for prayer, so there were many breakthroughs, freeing them to serve more effectively. The team who lead these conferences will keep in touch with all the women who came and encourage them. And they will begin planning another conference.

Pray for:

• Seventy-three women who attended the conference
• Leaders of conferences as they plan next event
• Impact on churches.