Deal or no deal: four days to pray

Thursday, March 05th, 2015

The world is just four days away from probably the biggest geo-political decision of the year. Whatever decision is made, the outcome could impact millions of lives for many years to come.

March 31 is the deadline for a nuclear deal between Iran and the West. Both sides have indicated an extension to the deadline is unlikely. This is a critical time for prayer.

The attention of all world powers is on Lausanne this week. The US Secretary of State and his team are in attendance for the US, and Foreign Minister Zarif heads the Iranian delegation. Many other world leaders are also flying in. That’s how decisive these next few days of negotiations are: everyone knows that the outcome will massively impact world relations.

Some experts believe that if the talks succeed, many in the Middle East will sleep more securely and that an easing of sanctions would lead to an improved economy in Iran, which could curtail the appeal of hard line ideologies. As moderates increased in influence, the persecution of perceived dissidents, like Christians, could decrease.

Understandably, many others have huge reservations about any deal being struck with Iran. Certainly there are legitimate concerns that a deal would be inadequate, failing to provide strong enough limits to Iran’s nuclear program. Iran, fearful that the West still wants regime change in Tehran, also has concerns about a deal.

There are also concerns that if the talks fail the Iranian hard-liners, who have always opposed diplomacy with the West, could be strengthened. This could mean more suffering for ordinary Iranians, and more persecution against Christians and other dissidents.

Please join us in praying during these critical four days:

  • Peace in Iran and the wider region
  • The Lord’s will to be done in the talks
  • Honesty and wisdom for all diplomatic teams