Since December 26th over 70 arrested, 30 still in prison

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Since December 26th at least seventy Christians have faced arbitrary arrest. This means armed guards forcefully taking you to prison, your home being searched, in some cases ransacked and your personal belongings confiscated.

35 are still in prison. Here it is normal for Christians to face solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, harsh threats, demeaning insults, even physical beating – and constant interrogation while blind-folded.

Despite this marked intensification of harassment to Christians in the last six months, openly supported by officials in the government, the church continues to grow. Just as the new storm of persecution opened up, a new house church had over forty people come to the Christmas service.

Pray for

  • Strength and protection for the 35 in prison. Visit to see some of their pictures.
  • Courage for those who have been released who want to serve Christ
  • Tangible joy for Christians in the new house church.