Director’s cut, causing pain

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Iranians love cinema. They watch about eleven films a month. It’s their entertainment of choice. So with one of the country’s most celebrated directors Jafar Panahi in prison for allegedly trying to make a film about last summer’s post election demonstrations, there is a certain amount of pain in the air. This tension among the film-makers is underlined by the fact that Abbas Kiarostami, probably Iran’s most famous director, shot his first movie outside the country, in Italy. It has been screened at the Cannes Film Festival where Pahani was to be a judge. In the early days of the revolution cinema shuddered to a halt, but then experienced a resurrection, guided by the then culture minister, ex reformist president Mohammad Khatami. Working within strict guidelines, Iran has consistently produced first class films dealing with universal themes. Hundreds of people are involved in Iran’s film industry, an important group to reach with the Gospel.

Pray for

  • Christians to get involved with the film industry
  • Sense of freedom and security for film makers
  • Themes in cinema to lead people to consider Christ.